Maintenance Repair Operators

February 2015 deadline

New aircraft operating in European airspace must have been Data Link equipped by February 2013. Existing aircraft must be retrofitted by February 2015. For retrofits, at least one aircraft of each aircraft type must undergo a certification test. Documentation must be provided to show that the data complies with the mandate.


Multi Test Platform

For Maintenance Repair Operators (MROs) that will be testing a large number of aircraft, Airtel ATN provides the Multi Test Platform (MPT).

The MTP combines a mini-VDR with a PC, power supplies and control circuits to provide a fully portable testing and monitoring station.

The MTP is ruggedised with 4 or 8 hours of battery life enabling use in hangars.

Airline Maintenance Operators use it to simulate ground Air Traffic Control Centre data. It monitors signal strength and tests ACARS, ATN – CPDLC and FANS aircraft.

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    Test Services

    For Maintenance Repair Operators that may only need to test one or two aircraft, Airtel ATN offers either an onsite or a remote test service


    One of our engineers goes to your premises and undertakes all the necessary Data Link tests using the MTP. This enables tests to be carried out during normal aircraft downtime at a site that has VDLMW2 coverage and without the need for internal specialist knowledge.

    This onsite service means that tests can be carried out in a shorter time frame, thereby ensuring that normal business operations are not affected.


    Airtel ATN’s Test Facility in Dublin is connected to both ARINC and SITA’s European ATN networks. Our test services use these to communicate with an aircraft that is also connected.

    Typically this involves test communications to an aircraft grounded at an airport or location with VDLM2 coverage.

    Compliance Statement

    We also provide MROs with the following tools to help with airworthiness certification:

    • Ground ATC Data Link system Emulation Manual Tool
    • Ground ATC Data Link Emulation Automatic Tool
    • VDL TroubleShooter

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