Data Link Testing for Maintenance and Repair Operators

Data Link forMaintenance RepairOperators


Airtel’s portable test equipment, the Data Link Ramp Tester (DLRT) provides MROs and airlines with a convenient and cost-effective method of testing and validating Data Link on aircraft as part of their avionics test services.


Clients include:



Airtel provides remote and onsite CPDLC test services to Maintenance and Repair Operators across the world..

Remote Test Service

Airtel’s Test Facility in Dublin is connected to both Collins Aerospace (Arinc) and SITA’s European ATN Networks to provide ATN testing. Airtel’s Test Service uses these to communicate with an aircraft that is also connected to the Collins Aerospace (formerly Arinc) or SITA networks. Typically, this involves test communications to an aircraft grounded at an airport or location with VDLM2 coverage. If the aircraft is grounded in a location with VDLM2 coverage, you can use Airtel’s test facility operated from the Dublin office. Just contact us to arrange.

Onsite Test Service

Airtel’s test equipment that can simulate the Collins Aerospace (formerly Arinc) or SITA networks as well as the Air Traffic Control centre. An Airtel engineer undertakes the tests on the customer site using the portable Data Link Ramp Tester which supports both FANS and ATN. This enables tests to be carried out during normal aircraft downtime at a site that does not have VDLM2 coverage and without the need for any specialist internal technical knowledge.

Airtel also provides onsite testing of ACARS systems which test the VHF radio (VDR) and Air Traffic Services Unit or Communication Management Unit systems. This includes the delivery of uplinks to flight deck peripherals such as cockpit printer and aircraft monitoring systems. The test system can uplink any type of Airline Operational Communication (AOC) data to the aircraft and receive and display the data sent by the aircraft. Any inability of the aircraft to respond to data exchanges is immediately determined

Providing an onsite service means that tests can be carried out in a shorter timeframe thereby ensuring that normal business operations are not impeded.




Case Studies


ELINK Electronic Co Ltd uses the Data Link Ramp Tester to validate Data Link on ARJ21 aircraft


SAS is Scandinavia’s leading airline uses Airtel's remote test services to test CPDLC scenarios on DK-DL1 aircraft


Piaggio Aero uses the Data Link Ramp Tester to validate CPDLC on Avanti II


EMTEQ uses Airtel’s onsite test service to validate B767 Data Link and ACARS equipment.

Chicago Jet Group

Chicago Jet Group uses Airtel ATN’s portable test equipment for CPDLC pilot training