ATN System Integrators

Airtel ATN has a number of Data Link solutions for System Integrators which run on multiple platforms. They are available for integration with the flight deck, processing, controller work station and other ATC equipment.


Air/Ground Data Link Server

The ATN Air/Ground Data Link System (AGDLS) is responsible for handling Data Link communications. It supports ATN communications application such as Context Management (CM), Controller Pilot Data Link (CPDLC), ADS-C (Automatic Dependent Surveillance and Flight Information Services (FIS). These applications provide support for ATC services such as Data Link Initiation Capability (DLIC), ACL (ATC Clearance), ATC Communications Management (ACM) and ATC Microphone Check (AMC).
The AGDLS comes in two main configurations:

  • Data Link Front End Processor (DL-FEP): FDPS implements the data link services and the DL-FEP handles message formatting and communications with the aircraft
  • Data Link Server (DLS): DLS also implements ATC services, simplifying the implementation in the FDPS

Test Equipment

  • Airborne Data Link System Emulation Manual Tool
  • Airborne Data Link System Emulation Automatic Tool
  • Multiple Airborne Data Link Systems Emulator
  • Multi Test Platform (MTP) – portable, ruggedised test system


Test Services

Engineering Services

Software engineer services including development, integration and testing.