Test Facility

Airtel ATN’s Test Services simulates the connection to the ARINC or SITA ATN/VDL networks and tests CM and CPDLC including CPDLC hand-off between ATC centres. This service can be used for all retrofit aircraft that must meet the EU mandate. Airtel ATN offers two test services options for Airlines and Maintenance Repair Operators (MROs):

Remote Test Services

The Remote Data Link Test Facility is operated from Airtel ATN’s headquarters in Dublin. It requires the aircraft to be grounded in a location with VDLM2 coverage.

Onsite Test Services

An Airtel ATN engineer undertakes the tests on the customer site using Airtel ATN’s portable test equipment – the MTP. This enables tests to be carried out onsite during normal aircraft downtime without the need for any specialist internal technical knowledge.

Providing an onsite service means that tests can be carried out in a shorter time frame thereby ensuring that normal business operations are not impeded.

For further information on tests carried out, refer to:
EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ Generic Interop Test Plan for Avionics