RTCA Significant Contribution Award

Santi Ibarz, Head of Research and Development at Airtel ATN has been awarded with a Significant Contributor Award from the RTCA (Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics), for his part in producing Data Communications Standards.

Santi Ibarz receiving the award alongside colleagues from the aviation industry.

“Your efforts have been instrumental in developing comprehensive, timely and tangible results in response to taskings from the Federal Aviation Administration.”
Alina George, Mission Support Coordinator, RTCA

Utilized as a Federal advisory committee, RTCA works in response to requests from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop comprehensive, industry-vetted and endorsed recommendations for the Federal government on issues ranging from technical performance standards to operational concepts for air transportation.

Mr Ibarz was recognised for his contribution towards the following Standards:

  • DO-350A, Safety and Performance Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data Communications, Vol 1 and Vol 2
  • DO-351A, Interoperability Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data Communications via the ATN, Vol 1 and Vol 2
  • DO-352A, Interoperability Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data Communication, FANS 1/A Accommodation
  • DO-353A, Interoperability Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data Communications, ATN Baseline1 Accommodation
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