“Airtel ATN was easily able to integrate its AGDLS with our existing Air Traffic Control systems thanks to the flexible architecture. Customisation and implementation was complete in a very short timeframe.”

Vladimir Cizek | CPDLC Project Manager, ANS Czech Republic

“Site acceptance testing with the Airtel ATN Router was successfully performed in December 2014. We are now ready for the implementation of CPDLC in 2015.”

Gábor Bajkó | Head of Technical Development Division, HungaroControl

“The ability to ‘shadow’ live operations to this degree provides us with much more authentic data for both validation and training purposes. Furthermore students on the training platform will be able to perform simulated CPDLC exchanges while partly shadowing operations on the online system, making the training much more effective.”

David Ryther | Senior Project Manager, Naviair

“We also use this system as part of our operational validations. The GVS simulates traffic from one or many aircraft so that Controllers can exchange simulated CPDLC messages based on authentic data. This significantly improves the quality of our validation of CPDLC functionality in future COOPANS releases.”

Magnus Hansson | ATM Systems Engineer, LFV Sweden

“We started the Data Link project on the pioneer phase of the EUROCONTROL Link2000+ programme. We reached an important milestone for the provision of FANS and ATN data link services in Lisbon FIR with the now successfully tested Data Link Server dual stack solution.”

José Vermelhudo | Project Manager and Head of Systems and Software, NAV Portugal

“The MVDL test equipment enables us to test the Data Link anywhere in the airport with a VDLM2 connection. The GVS system helped us ensure that the Data Link ground implementation was functioning correctly in Geneva and Zurich En Route Centres.”

Gwénaël Vern | Project Manager, skyguide

“Airtel ATN’s test services identified a number of problems with our Data Link implementation which we could resolve quickly. I would recommend Airtel ATN’s Test Equipment and Services to any ANSP.”

Christian Pascual | Test Engineer, Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne, DSNA

“The IAA is committed to safety, and is one of the pioneers in the commissioning of FANS-1/A in continental airspace. IAA needed to ensure validation was done effectively and efficiently. Airtel ATN was instrumental in helping us validate our system to ensure it was working in line with the directives.”

Patrick Tarrant | Manager, Flight Data Processing Systems, IAA

“The MVDL test equipment provides us with great flexibility. We can test Data Link anywhere the plane is including the aircraft hangar. It also has the added benefit of acting as either an aircraft or a Data Link ground station.”

Deming Wu | Lode Tech

“Airtel ATN’s test equipment is portable and will be used to test the signal strength at VDL ground stations. It will also be used to test network components and check the connection to the communications service provider networks.”

John O’ Sullivan | Vice President and DCIS Program Manager, Harris Corporation.