Quality Manager

Jan 2020

Head of Engineering

Role Summary & Responsibilities

Airtel require a Quality Manager to oversee all aspects of Quality Assurance (QA) from process development to performance of QA activities on projects. In Air Traffic Management and Avionics (aircraft avionics) software development the term “Quality Assurance” refers to activities that ensure that the appropriate software development processes and procedures are evolved and followed. Quality Assurance is not software testing, software testing is part of Verification activities. QA is ensuring that the appropriates procedures are adopted and used correctly within a software development project.

  • Quality Manger is focused on and dedicated to the developing quality assurance processes & procedures and providing on-going quality assurance management
  • It is not a people management role, but may have a small team of 1 or 2 staff, possibly on a rotating staff basis

Job duties
  • Responsible for QMS (Quality Management System) for Software Development
    • Develop and improve the QMS with support as required from all development staff
    • QMS includes:
      • Software Development Processes and Procedures
      • Software Development Standards
      • Software Development Templates
      • Software Development Environments and Tools
    • Organise QMS Training
    • Bring Clarity to QA role in software development
    • Infuse Quality within the Software Development Teams
  • On-gong Software Quality Assurance Management
    • Manage QA activities performed by QA Representative (QA Representatives might be assigned on a temporary basis or permanently, however the development team is currently just over 20 people)
    • Perform the QA Manager activities in one or more projects:
      • Produce the SQAP (Software Quality Assurance Plan)
    • Perform the QA Representative activities in one or more projects
      • Produce the SQAP (Software Quality Assurance Plan), meaning inspections, audits and other QA activities
  • Define KPIs for QA activities


The ideal candidate would:

  • Believe in Quality Systems and Continuous Improvement
  • Have a Process Oriented Approach
  • Understands the difference between Quality Assurance and Software Testing
  • Deep understanding of Software Quality Management Systems
  • Good communication, presentation, persuasion and report writing skills.
  • Ethical with a strong commitment to transparency in every aspect of your role
  • Educated to degree level with a demonstrable commitment to continuous learning
  • Working knowledge of ISO 9001;2015

  • Experience working in software development in a regulated environment such as Aviation, Transport or Medical
  • Exposure to Telecommunications Software development
  • Safety Certifiable Software Development Guidelines and Standards for example:
    • Aviation software development process guidelines (DO-178B/C (RTCA) or ED-12C (Eurocae))
    • MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Standards)
  • Experience/knowledge of Agile development framework

Skills and qualifications requirements
  • I would expect at least 8 years’ experience in various software development but a candidate with less might be suitable depending on motivation and depth of experience
Note: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as required to meet the ongoing needs of Airtel.
How to apply

If you are an experienced Software Engineer and are looking for a role that requires initiative and drive within an innovative, small team setting, we would love to hear from you.
For further information, please get in touch with Siofra Oliver on 01-2147471/ siofra.oliver@airtel-atn.com.